Welcome to Southern Extrusion Specialists, Inc

Southern Extrusion Specialists provides custom plastic extrusions for a wide variety of customers and industries. We use the latest technologies and highest quality materials to provide custom solutions that meet your specific needs. Our sales, engineering, and manufacturing professionals will help you develop custom, high quality, and cost effective solutions for your product.

Sample ProfileSample ProfileOur Focus

Partner with you to ensure cost effective and functional designs

Create custom parts that are on spec, on time, and on budget

Apply precision, quality, and efficiency to every project

Deliver unsurpassed customer service

Provide innovative solutions to our customer’s challenges

Whether you need new pricing on existing extruded plastic products, better quality, or faster delivery, SESI has the technology and the collective knowledge to help you get your extruded plastic product to your customer.

Do you need an experienced opinion on your current designs? SESI is able to help whether they are extruded plastic or metal replacement questions.


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